Next.js+React web interface for controlling HAProxy clusters (groups of servers), in conjunction with with
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BasedFlare Control Panel

Work in progress. Not recommended for production deployment. No instructions or help provided whatsoever.

Internally uses haproxy dataplaneapi. Intended for use with haproxy-protection.

Provides a control panel interface to conveniently manage clusters (groups of identically configured) HAProxy servers. Can be used with a single server cluster. Uses haproxy runtime apis to update maps, acls, etc.

  • List/add/remove clusters (server groups).
  • List/add/remove domains for your account.
  • Control allowed hosts for a cluster.
  • Custom backend server IP and port per-domain.
  • HTTPS certificate management. Automatically generate for domain(s) and upload to cluster servers.
  • Supports local private CA. Can install root cert on all your proxies and can sign CSR's for proper origin ssl validation.
  • IP or subnet blacklist. Supports ipv4 and ipv6.
  • IP or subnet whitelist. Supports ipv4 and ipv6.
  • Redirects, rewrites url to a different domain+path.
  • Protection rules, choose bot protection mode "none" (whitelist), proof-of-work or proof-of-work+captcha. Can be domain-wide or a domain+path. Path overrides domain-wide.
  • Global override for protection mode, to enable for all domains in a cluster.
  • Maintenance mode, disables proxying for selected domains and serves an "under maintenance" page from haproxy.
  • Statistics page with server and backend-level breakdowns based on haproxy stats socket data. Ability to export statistics to influxdb.





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