HAProxy configuration and lua scripts implementing a challenge-response page where visitors solve a captcha and/or proof-of-work (cpu intensive) task. Intended to stop bots, spam, ddos, etc.
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HAProxy configuration and lua scripts allowing a challenge-response page where users solve a captcha and/or proof-of-work. Intended to stop bots, spam, ddos.

Integrates with https://gitgud.io/fatchan/haproxy-panel-next to add/remove/edit domains, protection rules, blocked ips, backend server IPs, etc during runtime.

Originally inspired by a proof of concept from https://github.com/mora9715/haproxy_ddos_protector.

Features / improvements in this fork:

  • Implement a proof-of-work mode, in addition to the existing captcha only mode.
  • Ability to choose between argon2 or sha256 proof of work modes.
  • Sharing POW answers with storage events to prevent unnecessary re-solving when opening multiple tabs.
  • Supports either hcaptcha or recaptcha.
  • Support .onion/tor with the HAProxy PROXY protocol, using circuit identifiers as a substitute for IPs.
  • Allow users without javascript to solve the POW by providing a shell script and html form inside noscript tags.
  • Use HAProxy http-request return directive to directly serve files from the edge without a separate backend.
  • Adjustable cookie validity lifetime.
  • Adjustable "mode" ("none", "pow" or "pow+captcha") per domain or domain+path
  • Improved the appearance of the challenge page.
  • Add several useful maps & acls to the haproxy config:
    • Whitelist or blacklist IPs/subnets.
    • Rerwite/redirect specific paths or whole domains.
    • Maintenance mode page for selected domains.
  • Geoip mapping support for alt-svc headers.
  • Support simple load balancing to multiple backends per domain dynamically.
  • Multiple language support with locales files (currently en-US and pt-PT).
  • Fix multiple security issues.
  • Many bugfixes.



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