A simple python script that sends ugly notifications when something happens on a jschan imageboard that you moderate.
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A python script that sends ugly notifications when something happens on a jschan imageboard that you moderate. It has been developed around composition principles in order to help you to expand or change it to fit your needs and goals. Most of the components are easily swappable.


For now, this project has one (1) basic feature, send notifications. That said, you can configure it to send notifications when:

  • New reports
  • A new post includes some fine-grained pre-configured entry or some (clear or partially obfuscated) url that you have not whitelisted

All of these features can be turned off independently.


You need to have moderation privileges in at least one board and an environment with python3 and the dependencies listed in requirements.txt file in order to run this script.

To send notifications on Linux you must have notify-send installed. Run notify-send test to test it.

To send notifications on Android (assuming you are using Termux) you must have Termux:API installed. Run termux-notification --title test to test it.

Getting Started

  1. (Optional) Create and activate a virtual environment
  2. Run pip3 install -r requirements.txt to install the dependencies
  3. Install (if is not already installed) notify-send or termux-notification accordingly to your needs
  4. Make a copy of config_example.py and rename it to config.py
  5. Fill the account details and configure the script behavior in your new config.py file
  6. Run python3 main.py


All contributions are welcomed. Feel free to open a issue or make a pull request.