jschan - Anonymous imageboard software. Classic look, modern features and feel. Works without JavaScript and supports Tor, I2P, Lokinet, etc.

Updated 10 hours ago

**WORK IN PROGRESS** golang API client for interacting with the jschan imageboard API.

Updated 1 year ago

The source behind http://stream.loki - minimal nginx configuration and backend code for a streaming site with streams index, thumbnails, viewcount, chat, and streamkeys.

Updated 1 year ago

HAProxy configuration and lua scripts implementing a challenge-response page where visitors solve a captcha and/or proof-of-work (cpu intensive) task. Intended to stop bots, spam, ddos, etc.

Updated 7 days ago

Next.js+React web interface for controlling HAProxy clusters (groups of servers), in conjunction with with https://gitgud.io/fatchan/haproxy-protection.

Updated 4 days ago

Simple express file upload middleware that wraps around busboy

Updated 4 months ago

A somewhat updated fork from GraphicsMagick for node

Updated 2 years ago

A simple python script that sends ugly notifications when something happens on a jschan imageboard that you moderate.

Updated 2 years ago

library for storing a bitfield with a large number of options stored as an array/buffer, suitable for e.g. permissions systems

Updated 2 years ago

init.d script for monitoring and adjusting route metrics of 2 WANs in a multi-WAN setup on OpenWRT. Used as a simple alternative to mwan3, where I just want failover and all traffic forwarded through wireguard vpn (mwan3 seems to struggle with this).

Updated 3 years ago

Go client for HAProxy configuration and runtime API

Updated 2 weeks ago

HAProxy Data Plane API

Updated 2 weeks ago

Updated 7 months ago